Tuesday, December 11, 2007

To Digest or Not to Digest

Ok. I've been stressed lately. My Love has essentially kicked me to the curb. As usual, my natural response to stress is to practice avoidance by fixating on anything other than what initially triggered the stress. So... back to old habits and obsessions.

Food Check:

Jewels: Two tablespoons of tuna (blended with lemon juice and New England beans) and five pickle chips (30 calories).

Tammie: I would lie and say that I did healthy, but I didn't. I had a Big Boy, fries with tartar sauce, and a cherry coke from Frisch's.

Symone: I had 8 chicken tenders from Burger King with onion rings. I ate very last tender and every last ring. I had water to go with it though. There, that was healthy enough?

Jewels: Sooo NOT healthy, Symone. You had deep fried with a side of deep fried!

Symone: I was rewarding myself for losing weight.

Jewels: There are better ways to reward yourself. Food should never be considered a reward.

Symone: I know…

Mollie: Salad with chicken. And water. Healthy.
Before I got back to my desk, I had to grab my Pepsi and Lays Chips… ummmmmmmmmmmm… I tried to be healthy.

Jewels: Tammie, you are so lucky that your boyfriend works with you. I’ve had sooooo much caffeine today. It’s made me incredibly aroused. It’s a weird side effect. Sadly, I have no outlet.

Tammie: LMAO. Lunch time is the greatest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My New Friend:

Adam: Spaghetti O's, Teddy Grahams, and Pretzels.

Of course, this meal is totally unacceptable. Tomorrow, I will be packing lunch for him tomorrow which will consist of two tablespoons of my famous tuna and five pickle spears. And no, he CAN NOT eat breakfast! By the end of the week, he may regret befriending me.

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