Tuesday, August 14, 2007

New Obsession

Tammie: Good morning ladies! Has was everyone's weekend? J, how was the new Meijer?

Jewels: I was at Meijer’s for two hours! They had some great deals. Strawberry Mini Wheats were 3/$5.00. Johnsonville Brats 2/$5.00. (They now make turkey cheddar brats, so of course, that is what I bought.) Dole salad mix was buy one get / one free. Angel brand tissue (which I don't particularly care for) was half price. They ran out, so I got a rain check.

Symone: Mini Wheats are awful! Didn't I just tell you I got tired of chewing after eating just five of them? I saw a commercial this weekend that says they have 8 layers of wheat. You have to be a freakin' vampire to chew through 8 layers of wheat!

Jewels: Ironically, someone else said the exact same thing to me this morning. Well, actually it wasn’t nearly as illustrated, but the meaning was same thing. She said that she couldn’t swallow, not chew, but swallow Mini Wheats. When I told her that she was bizarre, she threatened to touch me! She knows that I get uneven if I am not touched symmetrically!

Symone: You need HELP.


Tammie: BECAUSE YOU DO!! You are too obsessed with so many things. ******* ********** ********** *** ******** *** ******* *** * * ***** *******.

Symone: OMG, ********* ************ ********** **************** *********** ************ *********** ************************* ************** **********

Jewels: In all seriousness, I truly resent being compared to * ******** *****.
Tammie, *** ****** * * **** ******** ***** *** ** ***** *** *** *. ** ** *****. ******* **, ********.

Symone: **** ***** *** ** ***** ******. ***** **** ***** ** * ******* *** *** *** ******** ***** **. ************** *** ****** *** ****** *** **** *** *** ***

Ok, here is my new obsession - soft skin. I am addicted to it. I just went and bought some lip stuff on my lunch break because I didn’t think my lips were soft enough. Jewels, guess what I got? Blistex Lip Medex! You got me hooked on that stuff years ago! I love the tingly feeling! I also bought a hand pampering set from Mary Kay. It makes your hands incredibly soft. I need to get more body scrub so I can exfoliate my skin. I love it when my legs are smooth! I think I'm in love with myself! Or maybe just obsessed with my skin. Jewels, you have definitely made me crazy over the years. I was never crazy until you.
Jewels: I would sooner try meth than touch Blistex again! That stuff is ADDICTIVE! It took a long time for me to break free of that addiction. Be careful, Symone! Use sparingly.

And yes, you are in love with yourself, which includes your skin. And yes, I admit that I have contributed to you being a little on the crazy side.

Symone: It's very addictive. The tingle is gone, so I'm about to put more on. It's addictive, but it works. As long as I don't look like I smeared Crisco on my mouth, I'll be ok.

Jewels: Don’t do it, Symone. Pace yourself!

Symone: Too late.

Jewels: You really need to try to get control of this today.


Nikki said...
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Anonymous said...

How can anyone not like Frosted Mini Wheats? The portion size alone makes it worth it, unlike other cold cereals that only allot you a tablespoon per serving at 350 calories per serving.

I love to eat! I wake up hungry and if I am up too late I am forced to go to bed hungry. Another reason to love Frosted Mini Wheats, I can actually eat enough cereal to take the edge off the hunger and not feel guilty about it.

Not to mention the fact, that I don't have to add more sugar thus increasing the calorie count.

Frosted Mini Wheats - Rock!