Saturday, August 11, 2007

To Sleep Perchance to Eat

My Friday's breakfast consisted of fruit (refused to count the how many slices of fruit), hot tea (no sugar), and water.

For lunch, one slice of veggie pizza from LaRosa's, salad with Honey French dressing.

Admittedly, I felt extremely guilty for eating both the pizza and the high calorie dressing. To make matters even worse, Amber's step-daughter offered me a cookie! There was no way in hee haw that I deserved a cookie after such a fattening lunch. However, I didn't want to appear to be a complete nut, so I reluctantly shared an oatmeal raisin cookie with the young one.

I planned on going out to dinner with My Love; however, the distance between us made me not want to dine or even eat at all. Weight loss tip #44, when you are hungry but do not want to consume calories, pop a sleeping pill and take a nap. If you are extremely lucky, you may dream of eating. Unfortunately, I did not.

My Love woke me at 9:30 pm insisting that I eat dinner. Of course, I said that I wasn't hungry, rolled over and went back to sleep. Approximately a half hour later, "Wake up. You need to eat something." My Love had left home and gone to pick me up dinner. I was mortified! My Love chose one of the highest calorie dinners that I could imagine: a Chicken Philly Sandwich with onion rings!!! My Love is so calculating. I could not refuse a meal after My Love had taken the effort to actually leave the house and pick up dinner. Also, to make the food appear less intimidating, My Love only placed half the sandwich on my plate with three onion rings, no ketchup. Because I don't care for onion rings, I ate them first. (Psycho tip # 26, always save a bite of what you enjoy most for last. It ensures that you end your meal with a good taste in your mouth.) I then slowly ate my half of the chicken sandwich. Although it was delicious, I would have preferred to remain asleep so that I could have spared my body the unnecessary calories.

At any rate, I've been doing much better the past two weeks with not obsessing on my weight; however, my menstrual cycle has had such a negative effect on my body and self image. I've been so bloated these past few days that My Love actually suggested that I take "something" to help with the problem. Heck, gotta love honesty. At any rate, it's been at least two weeks since I've ****** ** *******. Once my period has ended, I may resume. Not permanently, just temporarily.

Here is what others had for lunch today:

Amber: Pizza and salad. I'm not sure how many slices she ate. Probably just one. Actually, she can afford to eat two slices. I wish I had her body.

Symone: Jr. Whopper. My ADD is preventing me from remember exactly how it was prepared or what accompanied the burger.

Tammie: She almost cried because her "friend" surprised her with lunch from Frisch's. He ordered her a Big Boy sandwich, minus the middle bun. He asked to substitute the regular bun for a rye bun and American cheese for Swiss. She also had fries and a cherry coke. Tammie was touched and almost in tears that Tim cared enough to notice and retain exactly how she liked her food prepared.

Personally, I would have been touched too. Anyone who takes the time and initiative to memorize your food preferences and ensured that it is prepared to your liking truly cares. I would suggest you keep him or her around indefinitely.


Anonymous said...

Psycho Tip #26 is really not psycho. It should be a rule of thumb! As much as I love food, the mere thought of the last bite being gross is heart wrenching.


yasmin said...

Psycho Tip #26 is the antithesis of what anyone watching their weight should do. Your last bite should be of the least pleasing food on your plate. That way, you don't really have a desire to keep eating. Alternatively, if you end with your favorite bite, you will be left with the feeling of wanting *more*.