Monday, August 6, 2007

Who Ate What?

Jewels: Ok. Ladies, what have you had to eat this morning? I had Cinnamon Tea (without sugar). No food. There is probably only 2 calories in the tea.

Molly: White Castles. Sausage, egg, cheese on a biscuit. Hash browns and an orange juice.

Tammie: That sounds good. Lunch time is soon for me and I'm starving. I had a cup of coffee and some M&Ms.

Symone: Coffee yuck. M&M's - now that's something I haven't had in a long time! I'll have to get some today.

Jewels: NO, Symone. Please, don’t do it. Don’t get the M&Ms. Dang it, Tammie. See what you’ve done?!?

Tammie: Step away from the vending machine. I only ate a few. I just couldn't' t have coffee on an empty stomach.

Symone: *sigh* You guys are taking all the fun away from me! Ok, actually I pigged out all weekend, so I really need to get back to the healthy diet today. Friday night I had Alabama's for dinner. Saturday I had a chicken cheese steak sandwich. Sunday I had chicken tenders & fries, then I had Olive Garden for dinner. I refuse to take the blame for it though, I'm getting ready to come on so I'm blaming it on my hormones.

Jewels: It’s not your fault. It was definitely the hormones. Tell me, did you do as I suggested and only eat half of the Alabama’s meal?

Anyways, I pigged out this weekend too. I can’t tell you how many peanut butter cookies I had to eat. Sunday, we went to an Indian Restaurant. I didn’t eat too much. And guess what? I k*** e********* d***! No more craziness… until I feel better.

Does anyone know what they will be having for lunch? I am having chicken salad (Miracle Whip Light, one egg, relish, pepper) on oat bread and water.

Symone: Maybe I will have Indian for lunch! Ok, let's face it. I'm going to have my same, boring, bland Subway for lunch today. I might spice it up with a salad from Wendy's. Nah, that's too much running around. Boring Subway it is.

Jewels: It maybe boring, but it’s helping you to reach your goal!

Molly: I want a salad with grilled chicken over it.

Jewels: That sounds nice and healthy. What kind of dressing?

Molly: Either ranch or honey french.

Symone: Honey French sounds great!

Jewels: I love Honey French and Honey Mustard. However, I have stopped using them because they are HIGH in calories. I now use Wishbone Salad Spritzers. There’s only one calorie in each spray. The Honey French and Honey Mustard have around 130 calories in two tablespoons!

Symone: At this rate, I'm never going to lose weight. I can't just eat for nutritional value, I have to eat for the good taste of food. I've shrunk my stomach, but I still need food to taste good. *I know all the health books say that a healthy maximum weight for someone my height is 150, however, I have no desire to have a 6 pack and no curves. I would much rather weigh around 160 and have some nice curves. I don't even care if I never drop another size in my waist, I just want to flatten my tummy a little more and get rid of my "pooch" under my belly button.

Jewels: I want to be 1 something really low.

Symone: You can't weigh more than 130 now.

Jewels: The hee haw I can’t. I am going to weigh myself now. I should have done it this morning. If the results are bad… Tammie & Symone, you know what I have to do! Wish me luck. I’ll be right black.

Molly: Symone, Tammie, why in the world is Jewels counting calories!!!

Symone: Her crazy self thinks she needs to lose weight. All she needs to do is tone up. She's always had a great shape, she's losing her mind.

Jewels: I am not being as neurotic as I’ve been within the past couple of weeks. Can I have credit for that?

Symone: Yes, you can. I'm actually proud of you for pigging out this weekend, good for you! You should eat a nice dinner tonight. You deserve it. Then go burn off the calories.

Jewels: Forget all that not being neurotic talk. I just came from the scales. Can you say 141?!?!?!? One of you needs to leave work and come and check on me! I am thisclose to losing it!!!

Molly: Well, you don't even want to know what I weigh!!!!!! You may pass out.

Tammie: Jewels, stop tripping. You are no where near fat. You need to learn to love you no matter what. Be so confident in yourself that no matter how thin or how thick you are that you know you still look good. And no one’s checking for the Olsen twin look. It will make you look like you are on that stuff. Get it together girl. And you can't go by what these quacks say is the right weight for your height. The average woman is at the least a size 12 (me). The media and these celebs have created this false image of what we should look like. I have been thin and I didn't like being that thin. I'm so much happier that I gained some weight. I don't really want to lose any; I just need to tone up what I already have. You don't need to lose any weight. No one should be starving themselves. I love me like no one else. And I can't see me hurting myself. Think about that the next time you look in the mirror or weigh yourself every 5 minutes. Jewels, STEP AWAY FROM THE SCALE.

Symone: I agree. I would never want to look like the celebrities; they need meat on their bones. I don't want to have a 6 pack, that ain't me. I was most comfortable at a size 12. Heck, I looked darn good. Even now, if I didn't lose any more weight and could just tone my tummy some more, I would be happy.

Jewels, you have to stop. Your body is bangin'. Be happy with it. You're a beautiful person inside and out. Know that and believe it.

Jewels: I believe no one and I believe in nothing. Leave me alone to wallow in my misery.


Symone said...

Good news girlie! I just tried on a bunch of clothes that I haven't worn in forever. The size 14's are fitting me nicely again. I'm actually starting to have a shape. I saw some family this weekend, they told me that I need to only lose 10 more pounds at the most. Anything else and I will look like I'm on that stuff. I still think 20 pounds would be best, but I'm going to trust the judgement of others. 10 more pounds it is! I'm going to just keep working out and try to tone up, and everything will be great. :^)

Jewels said...

You looked great when I saw you. Love the new hairstyle! It's sexy as hee haw. However, you know me... I say forget what the family thinks, go for the 20 pound weight loss goal!!! My Love and I have not been power walking at all this week due to the heat. Plus, I'm not slacking; I am trying to focus on not focusing on my weight this week. However, I should be back to myself by next Thursday. Also, you know I only have time to devote myself to one obsession at a time. I have a new one this week...